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Bletilla striata - Common bletilla (102725)

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Bletilla Bletilla striata Common bletilla purple flowers

Published: 28.12.2017 | Viewed: 898 | Downloads: 0

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Common bletilla with the scientific name: Bletilla striata, a species of the genus Bletilla (Bletilla) in the family Orchidaceae.

Synonyms: Bletia hyacinthina, Bletia striata, Bletilla elegantula, Bletilla gebina, Bletilla hyacinthina, Coelogyne elegantula, Cymbidium hyacinthinum, Cymbidium striatum, Epidendrum striatum, Gyas humilis, Jimensia striata, Limodorum hyacinthinum, Limodorum striatum, Polytoma inodora, Sobralia bletioides

Media-ID: 102725