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Barbarea verna - American cress (111724)

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American cress with the scientific name: Barbarea verna, a species of the genus Barbarea (Bittercress) in the family Brassicaceae.

Other names: Bank cress, Belle Isle cress, Bermuda cress, Black wood cress, Early cress, Early winter cress, Land cress, Normandy cress, Scurvy cress, Creasy greens, Upland cress, Winter cress, Yellow cress, Yellow rocket

Synonyms: Barbarea australis, Barbarea brevistyla, Barbarea erysimoides, Barbarea patula, Barbarea praecox, Campe verna, Crucifera praecox, Erysimum praecox, Erysimum tenuifolium, Erysimum vernum

Media-ID: 111724

Category: Barbarea, Herbs, Medicinal plants

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